"I am Ruth: And Everything is Not Okay", the novel is a 21st Century twist on a Biblical account of loss, love and faith.

In her debut novel “I am Ruth”  author, Kira Chereé, explores the modern day dilemmas that main characters Ruth, Naomi and Orpah face in the midst of depression, darkness and loss.

Ruth Lemuel finds herself instantly widowed and caring for her mother-in-law who finds herself in a deep depression. As Ruth tries to balance her newfound responsibilities, she learns to trust new friendships, navigate entrepreneurship and be open to love again. 

Amazon Customers reviews

This book is a MUST read! I keep saying to myself, “Once I get to the next chapter, I will go sleep!” After several hours, I couldn’t stop and I finished the book that night. Each character is beautifully crafted to speak to your heart and mind. This book will challenge you to examine your thoughts and actions because each direction will lead you down a pathway! Lastly, the book made me realized how grateful I need to be for my Beaux! Thank you Kira Cheree for sharing this gift!!
Antoinette R.
This book is an AMAZING read. It was hard to put this book down once I started reading. I initially thought this book was geared towards women exclusively, but to my pleasant surprise, there were so many practical and spiritual truths for men as well such as myself. If you have experienced loss, grief, love, restoration and redemption, all of these elements are creatively woven into this incredible redemptive story. KUDOS to the author. MEN, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!
Christopher W.
When I tell you that I could not put this book down! Trust me, I have the burnt dinner to show for it. With amazing characters that pull you in from the start, Two womens struggles to overcome death and despair. Ruth's story will leave you captivated. I learned how to go from the valley to the mountain top! KC Hopkins does a nice job of drawing the intriguing complexities of Ruth and Naomi's relationship.
Stephanie A.